Saturday, August 18, 2012

American Top Team BJJ in Atlanta

I have a few passions in my Life. One is Jiu Jitsu. When shits getting hectic, sometimes you need to get on the mat with the American Top Team in Atlanta. I drove one and a half hours south solo, with mi Storm Kimono, looking to choke a bitch out. NOT today!
Master Roan Jucao Carneiero is apparently a very good instructor and a very polite man. I like how he left the mat during drills and disappeared into the back room,apparently on the phone. I kept looking at the door waiting to hear his voice, lol. Two blue belts and two white belts. A strong young Brazilian, 28 years old. A young athletic black man, Mitchell, 45, and a 38 year old computer technician named Tito Ortiz, OMG. Haha. All real good students. Excellent grapplers.
We did a warm up and I was getting a good sweat.  Roan demod a sweep from the guard that was pretty advanced. Holy shit! He definitely has BJJ on his Jiu Jitsu mind. We drilled then we trained 5 minutes rounds. Roan is very skilled and definitely knows how to match his students according to level.
Tough room and I actually tapped once. I highly recommend you learn BJJ from Master Roan at the American Top Team in Atlanta.

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  1. It was an honor to roll with you and I really enjoyed it. I rarely get the chance to go with guys my age (and never with a black belt my age!). Please come train with us any time.