Monday, April 9, 2012

There is a Storm brewing...

John Lober, Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu "It's a Lifestyle."
I am John Lober. I enjoy the study of human potential and organizing things. I like competing in mixed martial arts and training with my Team Machine, inspiring movies about true life events are my favorites. More than anything I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their life experiences. I like the challenge of building my business and also helping to train and develop the people on my 
team. I am always up for a challenge and like new adventures. Listening to Music as well as singing and dancing are things I enjoy most in life. I love animals especially dogs and family is very important to me. My main focus in life is having balance and being consistent in everything I do. I am excited about the new experiences and challenge life will bring my way.
With 17 years of high level BJJ training and competition under my belt, 2012 has given me as an instructor, a new motivation and love of BJJ. I am the first sponsored competitor of STORM KIMONOS. I have decided to represent this strong brand and my love for BJJ Worldwide. I am an ambassador for this great sport and I want to train with each and every one who loves BJJ as well.

InterestsJohn received his Black Belt from Ken Gabrielson and Rodrigo Gracie in 2010, and it was a long time coming.

"My first day in BJJ was in 1995. I respect anyone who has sacrificed and worked so hard to receive the Black Belt. It has just begun from here. Now, we are going to work Hard."

"When I removed the Gi and my Fighting game went through the roof. I destroyed world class fighters with the technical skills I learned from GI training." - John Lober

With competitive MMA out of his system now, He has decided to re focus himself to BJJ worldwide. John promotes this grappling art throughout the world now with Private Training and Combative BJJ seminars representing Storm Kimonos.

Our Worldwide debut began with John Lober in 1996 during Battlecade’s Extreme Fighting. Since then our products have been seen in events like Pride and the UFC and a host of major competitions around the World.

Storm Kimonos® products were developed with the assistance of Renzo and Rodrigo Gracie. Considered one of the first US Jiu-Jitsu and MMA brands, innovation began in 1995 with the prototyping of the “Cohagen” GI. Storm Kimonos® was the first to sponsor and support fighters like John Lober, Gordinho, Ricardo Almeida, Matt Serra, Nick Serra, and Jon Danaher when they needed quality equipment during the growth of the sport. We were with these fighters when they first stepped onto the competitive mat, ring, cage, octagon and the hallowed mats of the ADCC.

Today, Storm Kimonos® have launched an entirely new line featuring products which include the Typhoon, Typhoon 2.0, the 96, Andre Galvao Custom as well as an entirely new line of casual wear to support our technical line of performance gear. We continue to innovate by listening to our athletes. Ours is a profound respect for the art. Jiu-Jitsu is not just a sport for us, or the fighters that rely on our equipment - It’s a lifestyle!

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